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Did you hear the one about the Spy walking into the bar?

Last week we welcomed a secret spy, the News Shopper’s Pub Spy to be exact here at The Oak. We of course didn’t know who he was (and we still don’t) as he travels undercover reviewing the pubs of SE London. It can be a nerve wracking experience when you read that he has been to see you, but we had nothing to worry about! You can read his (or her) full review of our pub here, and to the Pub Spy we’re glad you enjoyed your time here, look forward to welcoming you again! Continue reading

He’s not your average Joe… Meet Ginger Joe, our Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Chilling in our fridges here at The Oak is a refreshing but fiery alcoholic ginger beer, lovingly known as Ginger Joe’s. The legend of Ginger Joe is inspired by ‘Ginger’ Joseph Stone, a moustachioed London green grocer and illustrious founder of the noble house of  Stone. Legend says Joe was fanatical about the tantalising taste of the ginger root (lat. Zingiber Officinale) and that his first ‘dip in the ginge’ circa 1740 produced a tipple that literally singed the tips of his ‘tache – an image now immortalised on every bottle of our refreshingly feisty alcoholic ginger beer. Continue reading